If someone doesn’t have a sweet memory with Arun Saha as a photo mentor in any ASP Phototour, it’s his failure. Despite being a complete amateur and hobbyist with little knowledge of various aspects of photography, still I could end up capturing some satisfactory frames because of his able guidance in my photo tours with him.
Recently I have completed a photo tour with Arun Saha to cover “Theyyam” which I think was highly challenging, technically as well as physically. But his mentorship eased everything. Prior to our tour, he held a webinar discussing every detailed knowledge about this night photography which was full of action. Moreover, balancing the highlight of fire on one side and the shadow on the other was the toughest part of this tour.
Apart from Theyyam, Kalaripayattu & Kambala were also part of this photo tour. From this tour, we got to capture events more than what was planned earlier.
And his arrangements for our staying and food were awesome and beyond our expectations. Every moment was delightful.
I am waiting for my next photo tour with him. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Arun Saha and ASP.