Elaine Springford
Retired Managing Director and Avid Street and Visual Storyteller, Published Author for National Geographic


I first heard about the pehlwan (wrestlers) of Kohlapur a few months ago and decided to include it in our next India itinerary. I wanted to tell the visual story of the rigoureus regime of the pehlwan and their life in the talim. The only drawback was, would I a woman be allowed inside the talim to obtain the photos I desired.
Fortunately a friend directed me to Arun Saha and from the first point of contact Arun knew what I wished to achieve and offered a tailor-made photo workshop for myself and husband.
We travelled to Kohlapur from Mumbai and Arun from Pune, and met exactly at the pre-arranged time and place. Arun’s planning of the best photographic time to visit each talim was very well organised. During the four separate sessions not only was the shooting fruitful but also pleasurable to be with Arun. Arun offered good tips, and was instrumental in obtaining for me the access that I required.
Arun and I met as strangers and left as friends. I look forward to the opportunity of shooting with Arun in the future and would have no hesitation to recommend Arun Saha to other photographers.
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Deba Prosad Paul
Senior General Manager of a top rated MNC, a passionate photographer of all genres

Initially I was skeptical about my trip for KULASAI DASARA. I personally believe any photographer must know the story and background so that he is able to visualize entire perspective.
Arun Saha was our mentor for the trip. He is so serious that before the trip he organized a Webinar to share the story and reply to our all queries regarding the tour that made us understanding the entire journey easier.
Finally we all participants met and for the first time I met Arun. He is a person who can win the hearts of any individual with his mesmerizing personality. Excellent mentor, in depth knowledge and a nice human being. More I say less it will be.
It was a memorable trip for me. Will join again next year too. After Kulasai Dasara, proceeded along with him to cover Theyyam.
To me, Arun is a friend, philosopher and guide with all possible solutions for any requirement.
Last but not the least his all tours are economical without any compromise.
Will return home, join Office but these few days spent with him will always be close to my heart forever.
I Wish to join him in many of his future tours as much as possible.

Maitreyee Sengupta Roy
Self taught Artist and an Avid Photographer

“An Unforgettable Photography Journey with ASP”
The photography tour to Ladakh was an experience of a lifetime, one that I will cherish forever. This was my first photography tour, glad that I had it with one of the best photographers cum mentors. It was a wonderful learning experience for me.

Mr. Arun Saha’s experience, energy and expertise were invaluable. His mentorship, guidance and support made the trip even more enjoyable and enriching. His suggestions on shooting spots, moments, composition and ideal setups were apt and greatly contributed to my skill and knowledge.

The itinerary was excellently planned, allowing us to sufficiently explore and capture the picturesque sites and also the very essence of Ladakh covering multiple monasteries, unique local festivals, cultures and communities.
Arun Sir took special care to arrange and ensure comfort and convenience with regard to the place of stay, food schedules and logistics.
This trip was truly exceptional and unforgettable, it provided ample opportunities to learn, share experiences, and develop new connections for all participants. Will surely look forward to join Arun Sir for the next trip in the future.

Debdatta Chakraborty
Debdatta Chakraborty Renowned International Photo Artist & Visual Storyteller.

Arun Saha is a very good friend of mine. But setting aside that friendship part, I’ve lots of respect for his eye for photography. I’ve been with him before, but that was a personal trip.
For the first time, I had been with him in his ASP photo tours. I must say here, that I had been to Ladakh before. But here I felt the difference. Because Arunda has planned his trips so well, this trip has been very fruitful. Made a lot of photos, and shooting with Arunda was a pleasure. And regarding the logistics facilities like transport & accommodations, it’s been top class. Surely would plan future trips with him. My best wishes to ASP phototours.


Priya Bhutada
IT Product Manager & a Compulsive Photographer

To experience and capture ‘Braj ki Holi’ is every photographer’s dream, and this for me was made possible by Arun Saha. During the Holi photo-tour to Vrindavan, we realized it wasn’t an easy one, for it required a high level of physical, mental and logistical preparation. It is because of Arun’s experience and the relationships he has built there, that the tour became easy for us!

As a mentor, he is genuinely concerned about the quality of your work, is honest with feedback and open about tools & techniques he uses to get world-class photos. The tour met every expectation possible and I certainly look forward to more learnings with him.


Amrita Ghosh
Professional Wedding, Event Photographer & Freelance Street & Travel Photographer

In march 2021 I joined Arun Saha Sir in his Holi photo tour..I found Arun Sir to be a great mentor. After that I do Haldi Photo tour in Feb 2023 & again Holi Photo Tour in March 2023…Everything was very well organised.. This time Arun Sir also arranged rain cover for our cameras…The Transport, hotel & food was well arranged..The best part is that Arun Sir is so friendly & approachable that you can ask him to review or his suggestions on any of your photos clicked during the photo tour…Arun Sir also arranged a Photo review session on his busy schedule… From this 3 of Photo tour The haldi trip in this year experience was amazing…that’s my favourite actually.. I personally learnt a lot from Arun Sir on these 3 photo tours.. I met some senior photographers from India & overseas also & enjoyed a lot during these photo tours. I can recommended everyone to go out with Arun Sir.. Thank you.

A Globe Trotter & Passionate Photographer Specialised in People, Culture &Travel Photography

In March 2023 I joined Arun Saha in his Indonesia trip. Though I know Arun for quite a long time and took part in many of his photo tours I was a bit apprehensive about this trip as it was his first Indonesia trip. But after doing the trip I realised that I would have missed some great photo opportunities if I had not joined this trip. The entire trip was amazing. The place was beautiful itself but in collaboration with the local photographers Arun arranged everything so flawlessly that we all had an excellent experience. We got numerous amazing photo frames, the hospitality was beyond expectations though the tour cost was very reasonable and above all Arun ensured it with great expertise that all participants come back home with lots of great pictures and he also told us to feel free to approach him if we need any kind of guidance or assistance regarding the post-processing of those pictures. We all came back with great satisfaction and almost all of us decided then and there that we would join Arun’s next Indonesia trip also.

Globe Trotter & Avid Photographer

I did a wonderful Holi photo tour with Arun. Everything was very well arranged before the tour started, we already received a lot of information and tips. And he arranged protection for our cameras. And during the tour it took us to the right places to take beautiful pictures and gave good tips and directions. But also the transport and hotel was well arranged. Thanks to Arun’s photo tour, we came home to the Netherlands with beautiful pictures. And working with photographers from India is a good addition and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. Looking forward to another photo tour with Arun and the Indian photographers.


Business Head at Pernod Ricard, Avid Photographer

I joined Arun for the Holi trip this year and the experience was amazing! Not only is Arun a master of compositions, he is very technically sound and makes for a superb mentor. I personally felt that I learnt a lot from Arun on the trip. I will definitely be doing another trip with him and would highly recommend him to others as well.

Avid Photographer, Associate Professor at Delhi University

I am fairly new to the world of photography, and was looking for a tour which would further help me step into this art form. I had been
following Arun Saha’s photos both on Facebook and Instagram, and found them to be very soulful, always having a story behind them.
Recently, I got the opportunity to participate in a photo tour organised by him to cover Barsana and Nand Gao Holi 2023.
I found Arun sir to be a great mentor. He helped me solidify my basics, and gave me a good grasp on my camera settings and how to frame compositions. Physically, the tour was difficult, but with sir’s support and guidance, I was able to capture good photographs. In fact, he ensured that each one of us in the group was able to get good frames. The hospitality was also top-class and his assistant Satyendra Pratap was always there to help us with a smile on his face. I met senior photographers and made some new friends too. I look forward to attending many more photography tours with ASP under Arun Saha Sir.
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An ardent photographer from The Netherlands, published in 40 travel and photography magazines including twice in National Geographic Traveler, made 2 press trips to Thailand and to Jordan.

What a joy to photograph Holi with top photographer Arun Saha. The preparations for the tour were very valuable and really helped us. The guidance was also optimal during the tour. I can recommend everyone to go out with Arun. I will definitely be back for one of his other workshops. Thanks for all the good advice and for your help Arun.

Owner of 'Delectable Destinations', A Montreal based International travel company to take people to their dream destinations

We had the great pleasure of meeting Arun on our recent trip to India. Arun guided us through a wonderful 2 days on the streets and the sights of Mumbai. His knowledge of the city and the right spots to capture great photos is second to none. He led us to areas at the right times to capture images with the perfect play of lights and shadows. His friendly and easy-going way helped us see India in a whole new light and we hope to travel back to India very soon and experience Arun’s Holi experience. Anyone interested in a photographic experience in India should definitely contact Arun.

Freelance street and travel photographer. Published in Vogue Italia

I attended the Barsana Nandgaon Holi Phototour with Arun Saha sir in 2023. Whatever I write down here does not justify my experience during the entire phototour. The best part is that Arun sir is so approachable that you can ask him to review or his suggestions on any of your photos clicked during the trip. He arranged the tour to perfection and everything was planned so meticulously. He arranged for a photo review session at the end of our tour which I found to be the most unique and helpful part. This helped me to understand where I can improve my photography. Probably I would never learn as much as I have learnt during this entire tour. Met with several experienced photographers from all over the world which helped me to get their various perspectives as well.
Looking forward to attend the next phototour with Arun Saha sir. ❤️🙏

IT Professional and avid photographer

For past few years I was looking for a trusted Partner for visiting and photographing the Theyyam Tour. In between, we were hit by the Pandemic and two full years didn’t get any opportunity. This year March 2022, when things got a bit better, it was a great opportunity to go down and experience Theyyam in and around Kannur, Kerala region. This was made possible all due to Arun Saha, someone who took us into the magical land of Kerala. The stay was fantastic, food was fantastic, company of fellow photographers was awesome, made some new friends too. Arun Saha is a great mentor, someone who assists in details, does help with tips on what to do, what to expect, and where to stand. Honestly in the sea of people who converge at Theyyam every day and night, it’s the most difficult photographic tour I have experienced, as it tests your patience, and physical abilities including sleepless nights, day and night running around, very low lights during Night Theyyams and people moving in your frames all the time to get the best composition or frame is very challenging. Arun Saha made it all possible, thanks to him, did get a chance to photograph, meet wonderful photographers and most importantly experience the best classical and traditional art form festival which shouldn’t be missed by anyone in India and outside. Anytime recommended !!!

An entrepreneur , nature lover, Dental surgeon and a cosmetologist and a blooming photographer

My sincere thanks to Arun Sir who built my interest in photography. My journey started with a theoretical workshop with him in kolkata where I learned more than I could imagine about this field of art. The best part about Arun Sir is his vision. His photographs and the knowledge he gives us about the same always says a story. The workshop made me attend the actual field trip to Varanasi for Dev Deepawali . It was just fantastic, I learned a lot as communicating with him is so comfortable. I am looking forward to attend more of ASP field trips as they are fun and I meet so many new amazing photographers too.

Retired Principal, Freelance Photo Journalist and an Avid Photography Enthusiast

At the outset I would like to thank my mentor Mr. Arun Saha with whom I attended my first ever workshop in the true sense, the JEJURI-KOLHAPUR PHOTO TOUR & WORKSHOP.
The 3 c’s of a true mentor Clarity, Communication and Commitment are all imbibed in him. What was very noticeable was his dedication towards his group; each member was his priority whether he was just starting his photography journey or had been on it for a long time. His intention is to pass on as much of his experience to people as time and their expectations allow.
I would like to thank you for focusing on my weaknesses and guiding me throughout the journey letting me know which areas to prioritise and improve.
Thank you Arun Saha and ASP for making it memorable for me and even though you are a hard task master I will definitely be joining you for more such workshops. And to the others who have not yet tested an experience with him, if given a chance to attend one, grab it before it’s gone.

An avid photographer & Former Dy Director General at Geological Survey of India, Kolkata

At the outset, I sincerely congratulate the mentor Mr Arun Saha for seamlessly completing the Desert Oddesy, where my presence was maiden…His relentless effort made it a grand success…as a new entrance in this arena, I solemnly confess that the exposures which I came across during this journey has opened up a new vista..for me this is a paradigm approach…I’m extremely benefited with such type of colorful trip which beset with a wide variety of physical as well as visual environment that creates an unforgettable resonance…a perfect blend of human nature and pictorial catalog…last but not the least, my sincere gratitude to mentor Mr. Saha whose mentorship coupled with his human quality has reached the trip an excellent level.

An ardent photographer of wildlife and humanity

Just had a memorable Phototour “Royal Rajasthan…A Desert Odyssey” organised by ASP. It was a wonderful experience under the mentorship of Mr. Arun Saha and shooting with other passionate senior photographers for the last few days. We enjoyed a lot and are going back with a lot of good memories and unforgettable unique moments. I strongly recommend every photographer for such phototours with ASP.


If someone doesn’t have a sweet memory with Arun Saha as a photo mentor in any ASP Phototour, it’s his failure. Despite being a complete amateur and hobbyist with little knowledge of various aspects of photography, still I could end up capturing some satisfactory frames because of his able guidance in my photo tours with him.
Recently I have completed a photo tour with Arun Saha to cover “Theyyam” which I think was highly challenging, technically as well as physically. But his mentorship eased everything. Prior to our tour, he held a webinar discussing every detailed knowledge about this night photography which was full of action. Moreover, balancing the highlight of fire on one side and the shadow on the other was the toughest part of this tour.
Apart from Theyyam, Kalaripayattu & Kambala were also part of this photo tour. From this tour, we got to capture events more than what was planned earlier.
And his arrangements for our staying and food were awesome and beyond our expectations. Every moment was delightful.
I am waiting for my next photo tour with him. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Arun Saha and ASP.

An Architect by Profession, Sketcher, Poet, Designer & Photographer by Passion

My photo tour with ASP to Rajasthan, The Desert Odyssey under the mentorship of Arun Saha was an extremely enjoyable one.. met some great people, made new friends, learnt  a lot from everyone. Arun da himself is a warm mentor, ensured personally we get good photos and remain comfortable with our stays…and was readily available to sort out any problem.
What I got from this trip is a new experience with Photography and the understanding of how to deal with different light conditions that change the entire scenery in post-processing… Especially enjoyed the light painting exercises.

Thank you for a memorable trip. :)

Die Hard Traveller & Photographer

Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Arun Saha Sir as a brilliant Mentor as well as I appreciate His patience and support. As a person I have no words to describe , He’s a very good Human Being and He’s an unbelievable Photographer.
It was a great memory for me,

Our trip to Varanasi for Dev Deepavali in 2017 was an entirely different experience.
Arun Sir’s approach to the Varanasi Dev-Deepavali workshop exemplified his knowledge, experience, and aesthetic vision.
I have learned a lot of new things about photography.
Thank you for your generosity and a very informative workshop,

Avid Photographer

My first photo tour with Arun was the workshop in Agra in 2018. I did not even know him at that time. But the workshop was such a nice experience that I joined him in two more workshops – one in Kolhapur and the other in Agra again. Arun is such a nice human being, such a good photographer and always ready to share his knowledge with the participants of his workshop. Specially I remember how he helped me to visit the kusti akhadas in Kolhapur where usually women are not allowed. He is also a very good organiser. Hope I’ll be able to join many more of his workshops in the future.

Avid Photographer & CEO, TeamLease Regtech

Arun Saha is an incredibly talented photographer. His workshops are an amazing experience. A day of shooting with him teaches me more than what I can learn watching hundreds of videos. He focuses extensively on developing the art of seeing. His guidance on framing, composition, exposure and post-processing helps me tell a better story every time. I have been a fellow traveller with him on many occasions and each one seems to be better than the earlier. He is very professional and a humble human who is always ready to guide and teach.I highly recommend his photography workshops to anyone who wants to develop into a better photographer.

Eminent Nature & Landscape Photographer, Solo Exhibitor

Our trip to varanasi Dev-deepavali in the year 2017 was a completely different experience for me. Arun not only was a great mentor but also a great human being. Arun’s way of handling the Varanasi Dev- Deepavali workshop proved his experience, knowledge and artistic vision . It was absolutely a wonderful experience to attend this workshop mentored by Arun Saha. Thank you Arun for your hospitality and a very enlightening workshop. I had a wonderful time during our workshop.

Avid Traveler & Photographer

run Saha Photography workshop is outstanding and I highly recommend it to photographers of all ability levels. Arun Da’s vast experience and meticulous planning provide a comprehensive learning experience from location planning, camera settings, composition and post-processing. He is kind, intelligent, quick-witted, knowledgeable and most of all very caring. He creates a fun and supportive learning environment and his small group size ensures that everyone gets personal attention and guidance throughout the workshop. I have done five workshops with him and I keep coming back. I keep referring to anyone who is interested in photography. You cant be in better hands.

Entrepreneur & Photographer

It’s a pleasure to be connected with Arun Saha and had wonderful experiences in the four workshops I participated in with ASP. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute we were shooting, especially Taj, which I can never forget. I appreciate, it’s his personal style of communicating that makes taking workshops so meaningful. Dada goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is comfortable and getting the help they need, both out in the field and in post-processing. He is always there to answer any questions and he does so with kindness and patience. He is a master and his passion for the subject is truly inspiring. I am excited to take what I have learned from Dada and continue shooting and exploring with him.

Retd. Col. Avid Traveler and Photographer

Dev Deepavali 2021 was the second such photo tour I did with Arun Saha. The previous one was “Jejuri”. I always wanted to see Varanasi as a photographer. I had been to this holy city before but mostly as a tourist or for family visits. Arun, as before, did a wonderful job in guiding and mentoring while shooting different aspects of Varanasi, besides the festival of Dev Deepavali. Needless to say that he is a wonderful photographer and a great mentor, but at the same time he is also a good trip organiser. He gives adequate attention to all participants. Because of his good knowledge of this city, he knows all the right places to shoot great pictures. His knowledge of the city also makes the trip logistically comfortable. He knows all the right places to eat, stay, right modes of transportation, correct fares, etc. I’d love to do more such trips with Arun in future.


I was in my India tour for the 1st time, and had been to Varanasi for three days. I hired Arun Saha, an Indian travel photographer and photo mentor through his website for my Varanasi coverage. I found in Varanasi with Arun Saha a complete different experience all over. Seeing Varanasi in a different perspective was the most satisfactory part there. Arun being himself a good street photographer and having thorough knowledge about Varanasi did real good justice to my photography tour. With him I could explore the streets, ghats and its street foods with a great deal. Hope to come out with a great series of my Varanasi adventure. Ciao!!!

Kajan Madrasmail

It was an awesome experience to witness the colorful and vibrant Pattan Kodoli(Haldi) festival in Oct 2018. When I look at my pictures, I could still smell the turmeric powder and listen to the drums played in the temple.I should thank Arun Saha to organise this wonderful trip as he creates the friendly environment and make sure everyone is happy with their photography. Even after the tour, he is in touch with very responsive replies and helping on other photography related activities as well. Apart from all, Arun is the person with a good heart which i admire him. Looking forward to join with him in the future!

BFA 1st YEAR. Techno India University

I’m Vishal Mohan from BFA first year at Techno India University. I just wanted to thank you for visiting and sharing your experiences and thoughts with us! You have changed the way I think about composing and have added a lot into my knowledge! Thank you very much once again and I will keep in touch with you for further guidance and help!

Mohammed Alhajri

The trip with Arun Saha to Varanasi was very interesting .. because of his long experience and his relationships in the same place which was visited by him several times.. really I enjoyed the trip and got a lot of very interesting shoots.. I’m still editing those photos.. and use them in many competitions.. I wish to have other trip to India with the same friend Arun Saha for other places.. hope I could do that soon..

Dr. Hamed Algheilani

My trip to Varanasi way back in 2017 was the best photography trip ever I had around the world. Varanasi was the best for taking photo because of too much strong portraits photo you could have as well as the people’s lifestyle photo.. within few days you could get as much as you can.. the people in India in general are very friendly and open to take photo of them.. the life in India is very rich and the best for photographers.. during our trip to Varanasi with arun saha.. the work was very simple and easy and he helped a lot by his good relationships and experiences.. to make our trip successful and rich and unforgettable…
Thanks for him a lot…

Raj Kumar Jain

It’s a pleasure to be connected with you and had wonderful experience in 3 work shops I participated. Still I’m feeling joyous to enhance the collection of good images I got during the workshops. Due to your mentor ship…l am happy that a photographer with a high skill and vision is my friend …..wishing you success in your journey towards the high goals.

Debdatta Chakraborty
Winner of Nikon 2017 3rd prize, 2016 HIPA Merit Medal, 2015 HPA Documentary Award, 2016 UNESCO Asia Pacific Prize.

During the end of 2016, I was considering of working on the numerous kusti akharas and the pehelwans of kolhapur, but unfortunately was not able to find an acquaintance in the vicinity. That was the time when one of my friend suggested the name of Arun Saha and after subsequent discussions, on one fine morning of early February of 2017, the lanky gentleman received me with his warm smile, which I never missed during the tour. We worked for next 4-5 days, and Arunda (as I called him) was always there to assist me for any problems.

We did the shooting remarkably well and that particularly was due to the local knowledge of Arunda. I was also taken aback by his remarkable knowledge regarding photography and the camera. Its always a pleasure working with a person who has profound understanding regarding the subject to be worked upon, and Arun Saha never fails on that front. What amazed me of him is his ever energetic readiness with which he responds to any kind of hurdles, be it regarding photography or logistics. And the most important thing about his nature is he is always open to new ideas. In that he’s ever  attentive as an young schoolboy. What started as a mere photo tour, has now turned into a camaraderie to be cherished for our days to come. I wish all success to him in his photographic carrier. And personally I am eagerly looking to do another assignment with this ever enthusiastic brother of mine.


An amazing trip to a gorgeous out of the world and a must visit tourist place, “Land of High Passes……. LADAKH”. Well organised and brilliantly led. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Ladakh photography tour. As a team leader, Arun has incredible, detailed local knowledge of the area. He took us to some wonderful locations, some grand and spectacular, some more subtle; locations we would never have found by ourselves. He identified the times of day and the weather conditions that would allow us to make the most of each spot; he knew which locations were worth revisiting in different lights for different moods. He is generous with his photographic expertise and skills; patient and encouraging with his tips and explanations. He was good company, and it was a very amiable group that formed under his leadership. He found some excellent places for lunch and dinner; to sustain us throughout our days’ exertions in the open air. We packed a great deal into our few days, but he knew exactly how to modulate the pace of the trip so that we never became too exhausted to enjoy it or work effectively. Our hotel was a great base, with friendly owners, and it was perfectly located for our various trips around the locations. The trip was great fun..