For past few years I was looking for a trusted Partner for visiting and photographing the Theyyam Tour. In between, we were hit by the Pandemic and two full years didn’t get any opportunity. This year March 2022, when things got a bit better, it was a great opportunity to go down and experience Theyyam in and around Kannur, Kerala region. This was made possible all due to Arun Saha, someone who took us into the magical land of Kerala. The stay was fantastic, food was fantastic, company of fellow photographers was awesome, made some new friends too. Arun Saha is a great mentor, someone who assists in details, does help with tips on what to do, what to expect, and where to stand. Honestly in the sea of people who converge at Theyyam every day and night, it’s the most difficult photographic tour I have experienced, as it tests your patience, and physical abilities including sleepless nights, day and night running around, very low lights during Night Theyyams and people moving in your frames all the time to get the best composition or frame is very challenging. Arun Saha made it all possible, thanks to him, did get a chance to photograph, meet wonderful photographers and most importantly experience the best classical and traditional art form festival which shouldn’t be missed by anyone in India and outside. Anytime recommended !!!

MITHUN PRABHUIT Professional and avid photographer