I am fairly new to the world of photography, and was looking for a tour which would further help me step into this art form. I had been
following Arun Saha’s photos both on Facebook and Instagram, and found them to be very soulful, always having a story behind them.
Recently, I got the opportunity to participate in a photo tour organised by him to cover Barsana and Nand Gao Holi 2023.
I found Arun sir to be a great mentor. He helped me solidify my basics, and gave me a good grasp on my camera settings and how to frame compositions. Physically, the tour was difficult, but with sir’s support and guidance, I was able to capture good photographs. In fact, he ensured that each one of us in the group was able to get good frames. The hospitality was also top-class and his assistant Satyendra Pratap was always there to help us with a smile on his face. I met senior photographers and made some new friends too. I look forward to attending many more photography tours with ASP under Arun Saha Sir.
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BHAWNA GOELAvid Photographer, Associate Professor at Delhi University