Dev Deepavali 2021 was the second such photo tour I did with Arun Saha. The previous one was “Jejuri”. I always wanted to see Varanasi as a photographer. I had been to this holy city before but mostly as a tourist or for family visits. Arun, as before, did a wonderful job in guiding and mentoring while shooting different aspects of Varanasi, besides the festival of Dev Deepavali. Needless to say that he is a wonderful photographer and a great mentor, but at the same time he is also a good trip organiser. He gives adequate attention to all participants. Because of his good knowledge of this city, he knows all the right places to shoot great pictures. His knowledge of the city also makes the trip logistically comfortable. He knows all the right places to eat, stay, right modes of transportation, correct fares, etc. I’d love to do more such trips with Arun in future.

SATISH MALLIKRetd. Col. Avid Traveler and Photographer