In March 2023 I joined Arun Saha in his Indonesia trip. Though I know Arun for quite a long time and took part in many of his photo tours I was a bit apprehensive about this trip as it was his first Indonesia trip. But after doing the trip I realised that I would have missed some great photo opportunities if I had not joined this trip. The entire trip was amazing. The place was beautiful itself but in collaboration with the local photographers Arun arranged everything so flawlessly that we all had an excellent experience. We got numerous amazing photo frames, the hospitality was beyond expectations though the tour cost was very reasonable and above all Arun ensured it with great expertise that all participants come back home with lots of great pictures and he also told us to feel free to approach him if we need any kind of guidance or assistance regarding the post-processing of those pictures. We all came back with great satisfaction and almost all of us decided then and there that we would join Arun’s next Indonesia trip also.