During the end of 2016, I was considering of working on the numerous kusti akharas and the pehelwans of kolhapur, but unfortunately was not able to find an acquaintance in the vicinity. That was the time when one of my friend suggested the name of Arun Saha and after subsequent discussions, on one fine morning of early February of 2017, the lanky gentleman received me with his warm smile, which I never missed during the tour. We worked for next 4-5 days, and Arunda (as I called him) was always there to assist me for any problems.

We did the shooting remarkably well and that particularly was due to the local knowledge of Arunda. I was also taken aback by his remarkable knowledge regarding photography and the camera. Its always a pleasure working with a person who has profound understanding regarding the subject to be worked upon, and Arun Saha never fails on that front. What amazed me of him is his ever energetic readiness with which he responds to any kind of hurdles, be it regarding photography or logistics. And the most important thing about his nature is he is always open to new ideas. In that he’s ever  attentive as an young schoolboy. What started as a mere photo tour, has now turned into a camaraderie to be cherished for our days to come. I wish all success to him in his photographic carrier. And personally I am eagerly looking to do another assignment with this ever enthusiastic brother of mine.